pasture raised

meats and eggs

locally raised just outside lawrence, ks

what we produce

Applonia Farm is a natural, pasture-focused farm located just outside Lawrence, KS.  We produce pasture raised chicken, eggs, and pork.  We do weekly deliveries to Topeka, West Lawrence, East Lawrence, and the Western KC area.


Pastured Poultry

Our natural chicken is the healthiest and most environmentally friendly chicken you can buy. Raised and processed in small batches right here on the farm. You can really taste the difference.


pastured Eggs

Not all eggs are the same.  Our layers spend their days foraging our lush pastures eating grass, clover, bugs, and all the other things chickens are supposed to eat.


Pasture raised pork

The pigs at Applonia Farm get to live a pig's life. They forage through pasture and forest land looking for nuts, tubers, and grubs. They get fresh land every week or so depending on the weather.  


Why we do it

Applonia Farm is more than just an organic farm... We're here to feed, educate, and entertain the community of Lawrence, KS and the surrounding region.  We're big proponents of the local food movement and encourage everyone to produce as much of their own food as possible (even if that does hurt our business).  

We hold monthly educational opportunities on the farm to help people learn things such as:

  • Permaculture design basics
  • Animal husbandry and harvesting
  • Organic growing techniques
  • Living resiliently
  • Renewable energy

We're living in rapidly changing times and helping build our community to be more sustainable, resilient, and healthy is at the core of our mission.  


How we do it

At Applonia Farm, we believe mother nature knows best.  So many farms fight mother nature instead of working with her.  We use permaculture principles to help make our farm both sustainable as well as resilient.  Our pigs spend their days on pasture or if it's hot, shading in the trees. They're never kept in any indoor facilities. 

Our chickens spend all their lives outside, in protected shelters, free to graze on grass, eat bugs, and do the things a chicken was meant to do.  We harvest and process all the chickens on the farm because most certified slaughter facilities (even those used for "organic" grocery store chicken) involve multiple chlorine baths, chickens soaked in "fecal sludge", and other unsanitary things you don't get from a small processor.  

The eggs we produce come from chickens free to roam the pasture all day, every day.  This keeps the Omega-3 fatty acids better balanced with the Omega-6 and cuts the cholesterol almost in half.  Even if you don't get your eggs from us, you owe it to yourself and your family to purchase 100% pasture raised eggs for both your health as well as the health of the chicken and the planet.