Chicken Coop Greenhouse

Is it cold where you're at?  Are your pastured egg layers not leaving their coop?  Welcome to winter.  We've had one of the coldest winters in recent times and our birds are not loving it.  Today I'll share a little farm hack we use to make the girls (and boy) a little more comfortable during this cold snap.

Greenhouse Coop

Greenhouse Coop

So, what you see here is our coop surrounded by old windows.  You can find old windows at some thrift stores or reclaimed materials stores.  These were $5 each at our local place.  

You want to surround the east, south, and west sides with windows.  The north wall is just surrounded with some old bead board we had laying around.  

You'll want to make sure and secure the windows so winds don't blow them over and break them (or your chickens).  

On really cold days, we open their door, then lean another window up against the door opening leaving a gap where they can get out but helping hold in more heat.  

Yesterday morning it was 10 degrees outside and I put a thermometer in the coop and it registered 28 degrees!  Between the chicken's body heat and the greenhouse effect of the windows, it provided 18 degrees of warming.

Here's a short video on the setup.