Pasture and Land Clearing


have trees? We’ll remove.

It’s really common to see in Eastern Kansas and Western Missouri. A once productive pasture that hasn’t been grazed in a few years now has a hundred small cedar, hedge, and honey locust trees growing all over it.

They’re the pioneer species that come back first after a disturbance. Of course a chainsaw can take care of them but that’ll take hours and hours and if you’ve ever cut a hedge tree off at the ground, you know it’ll send up 10 new sucker trees in its place.

We have a 90 HP John Deere compact track loader with an Intimidator Tree Puller that can pull the entire tree out of the ground, roots and all!

We can handle any sized cedar trees and other trees up to about 5 inches in diameter. We can pile the trees where you want them for burning or leave them somewhere out of the way for good wildlife habitat.

Our prices start at $105/hour and we can do up to around a half acre per hour depending on how many and how large the trees are.

Email or call us today and we can come out and give you a free quote on what it would take to help you take back control of your land and make it productive.